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Preparedness Grant Management


Emergency Preparedness is a Year-Round responsibility. First responders cannot always reach disaster survivors quickly, so it is important to be able to take care of injured or disabled family members until help arrives. Pacifico professional planning team has the qualifications and experience preparing, training, exercising, and executing plans to continue essential services post crisis and reduce possible effects.

Our Pacifico team has the unmatched experience, resources, and network to mobilize quickly, evaluate thoroughly, and work closely with you on your preparedness plan.

Our experts include planners, engineers, project managers, insurance specialists, emergency managers, tribal liaisons, and other key professionals with extensive experience working on some of the worst natural and human caused disasters over the last thirty years.


Technology Preparedness

We understand the importance of emergency response, that’s why at Pacifico we combine our tools and latest technology to help you be prepared for any kind of emergency disaster. With Myst Disaster Recovery and Pacifico DR you will be able to reach every single citizen in your organization and control and efficient disaster response and recovery.

A data creation and management app for disaster-related events.


A damage case collection app for disaster-related events.

MYST Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Planning

Design and implement a fully customized and compliant preparedness and risk program. Now more than ever it is vital to have a plan in place before an event occurs so it can be set in motion if and when it is needed. Whether you need an emergency operations plan or an evacuation plan, or even an insurance policy review, Pacifico has the expertise to guide you to the best solution for your organization and community.


  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)

  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

  • Vulnerability and Business Impact Analysis

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

  • Long Term Recovery Plans

  • Mitigation Plans

  • Debris Management Plan

  • Compliance Reviews - Super Circular

  • GAP Analysis


Emergency Management Training

A major component to any emergency preparedness plan is that is should be comprehensive. Pacifico provides both customized and off-the-shelf training options to best suit your emergency management needs. Our goal is for to have a trained team of experts ready to execute accordingly with the information and knowledge that’s is require.


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