Pacifico Group Launches PacificoDR Web Application

The software seeks to fasten funding disbursement under Public Assistance Program by streamlining project formulation process.

San Juan, Puerto Rico (January 14, 2020) - Pacifico Group, Inc, announced Monday the official introduction of PacificoDR mobile application to expedite damage inventory and inspections after a disaster. It will streamline and organize collected information into FEMA’s damages report. Inspectors and engineers will have the advantage of utilizing a tablet or mobile device during site damage inspections under the Public Assistance Program and write down every detail of the cause, classification, and dimensions of each damaged item. Upon completion, the platform allows the option to send or share the report faithfully as FEMA requires them to all parties.

One of the principal issues that explain the slow recovery processes lies upon the time it takes to create accurate damage reports for each project. Public Assistance Programs require that all documents must have the signature of the applicant (municipality, non-profits, or agency), COR3, and FEMA to continue with the next steps. These intervals may take weeks and even months, depending on the complexity of the project. PacificoDR eliminates the loss of time, resources, and money by making it easier to generate each report for each step automatically on the same day as the damage inspection.

The Pacifico Group team has worked for the past years in the disaster management industry, representing municipalities and state entities at each step with FEMA. “We have had the opportunity to know the intimacies in the management of the Public Assistance Program. One of the factors that have limited that money does not reach our people is how archaic and bureaucratic the program could be. The idea of Pacifico DR is born from the need to reduce time and save people's money when technology can help us maximize resources,”- said Brian Díaz, CEO of Pacifico Group.

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