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Our Services

Bussiness Consultancy 

Business and organizations today faces constant and evolving challenges. With new technology trends and a increasingly digitalized world,  the market demands businesses to be leaders to provide better solutions to their consumers and costumers.  We understand how technology and digital strategies will help you to keep a constant eye to the future while working to optimize for the needs of today.

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Software Development & Consulting

Besides the IT Consultancy and Project Management Solutions, our team has design and development expertise in diverse platforms, best-of-breed tools and techniques, combined with industry best practices, PACIFICO, and its partners offer scalable end-to-end applications development and management solutions from requirement analysis for deployment and rollout. 

Mobile Applications Development & Consulting 

Innovation & ICT Consulting

Our team of experts will help you bring your ideas to life! Our software programming team will design, develop and deploy program architecture for tailored business solutions. Pacifico will partner with you and walk you through the modern world and will create whatever you need, when you need to! 


Organizations Technology Adaptation

Technology Adoption Services

To stay competitive, organizations need to be more agile than ever before. Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to the implementation of new technologies such as ERP systems, business applications, mobile technology, and cloud-based applications that help enable digital transformation. At Pacifico, we understand this challenge and we have the proven approaches and frameworks to enable employees to effectively leverage new technology to deliver critical business outcomes.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics management is an important role in today’s organizations and businesses given the proliferation and amounts of data being created. However, if it is Big Data, Small Data, or Any Data, the mission is to identify how to optimize processes and to better understand your business performance. Corporate strategy teams usually have one eye on emerging markets due to the growth potential they offer. Whether a company is at an early stage of market identification, is ready to conduct market entry, or has established operations in a market, they need the information analyzed and ready to support their strategic decisions.


Disaster Recovery & Response

Federal Grant Management

Pacifico has decades of combined experience providing strategic project management and emergency planning, training, grant administration, and technology solutions to organizations, municipalities and state governments. We are emergency management experts ready to help prepare local, state, federal
and partner organizations with any event: health pandemic, natural disasters, and terrorism.

Construction Company Administrative Consulting 

Project Administrative Outsourcing

Pacifico Consulting division is composed of highly experienced personnel in administrative task for construction projects, specially those federally funded projects. 

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