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Our Team

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Cofounder & CEO

Brian is a professional with a background in government affairs, sales, complex transactions, compliance consulting, and business management & negotiations with private and public sector entities at the state, federal, and local levels. He cofounded Pacifico Group, a leading holding company, rapidly becoming a leader in business technology strategies and governmental solutions, local, federal, and Fortune 500 Companies. Brian is a distinguished member of the Forbes Magazine Business Council since 2021. Brian studied at the Interamerican University of PR - Law School.

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Cofounder & CTO

Gabriel has been involved in multiple software solutions companies since before graduating college with a degree in Computer Engineering. After working for various leading companies in the Aerospace field, he founded Pacifico Group and has become a leader in technological business strategies, governmental solutions, and providing services to local, the federal government, and Fortune 500 Companies. Gabriel oversees the technology division at Pacifico Group and has been responsible for developing big-scale projects taken by the company. Gabriel is a well-known tech business entrepreneur and holds a real estate broker's license.

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Paola Cruz

Head of Finance

Paola Cruz, Head of Finance at Pacífico Group, is a seasoned financial leader with a UPR degree in Accounting and an MBA in Human Resources. With expertise in budgeting and strategic planning, Paola's 9 of years years of experience have been instrumental in driving Pacífico Group's financial success. Her unique blend of financial acumen and people management skills makes her a key player in the organization's growth and development.

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