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A data creation and management app for disaster-related events.


A damage case collection app for disaster-related events.

MYST Disaster Recovery

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Our Pacifico team is composed of well-versed professionals with background in project management, finance, and big-scale projects budgeting and management.

We provide to our clients the expertise of legal counsel, civil, electrical & software engineers, cost estimators, accountants, project managers, and  architects.


Our main goal is to provide the resources our clients needs and deserves to help them reach new heights.


Brian Diaz

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Diaz is a skilled-visionary professional & entrepreneur with a background in government affairs, sales, complex transactions, real estate consulting, lobbying, and business management & negotiations with both private and public sector entities at the state, federal and local level. As a proven manager and director, he has overseen both established tech, management, consulting and cyber-security companies and start-ups.

Gabriel Gomez

Chief Operational Officer

Mr. Gomez is a Software Engineer and entrepreneur. He is a task oriented professional with strong leadership skills within his assigned teams, he is willing to train individual team members on the tasks at hand and is always current on new tech and programming trends. He is also the founder of the Pacifico Group technology division, helping to grow the company from start-up. Mr. Gomez has previously worked in several publicly traded companies on DoD programs.

Hiram Vazquez

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Vazquez is a professional with a background in finance, human resources, market analysis and project management. He has been involved in the management of various companies, in the areas of technology, market research and consulting, being involved from start-up, and serving as Project Specialist and Head Manager. He’s also been involved with both private and public sector projects in the areas of debt management services, market strategy, and federal affairs.

Vilmary Albaladejo

VP of Operations

Mrs. Albaladejo is a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience in the areas of project management and project engineering at both, public and private sector projects. As an expert engineer, she has been in charge of the management, project budgeting, cost estimation, codes and standards compliance, and quality control of multi-million dollars constructions projects.

Maria Rodriguez

Senior Engineer

Mrs. Rodriguez is a civil engineer with more than 10 years of experience in areas of inspection of public and private construction projects. Using her acquired knowledge she has been in charge of the grant management for some of Puerto Rico Municipalities. Mrs. Rodriguez has been directly  involved in bringing technical assistance to the Municipalities related to FEMA project worksheets, verifying  documentation for eligible work to ensure adherence with the scope of work, recommending payments and or preparing related requests for reimbursements according to the FEMA approved documentation. 

Anibal Ruiz

Senior Engineer

Mr. Ruiz is a Civil Engineer with almost 10 years of experience in the areas of structural, site development and utilities, infrastructure, products manufactured and natural disasters damages inspections and cost estimation. As an experienced engineer, Mr. Ruiz has been directly involved in the management of big-scale projects, working as Project Manager, Geotechnical technician, and Manufacturing engineer

Nomar Lugo

Project Manager

Mr. Lugo is a professional project manager with a background in architecture and photography. He has previously worked with both private and public sector agencies at the state, federal and local level. This experience is what allows him to excel on managing the field operations into success and serves as the backbone for the engineering team.

Carlos Lugo

Cost Estimator

Mr. Lugo has over 10 years of experience on engineering roles. He posses an electrical engineering degree and more than 15 years of cost estimating experience. Previously worked as a Project Engineer managing the project and estimating all the costs during the entire life cycle of the project. With the years of experience obtained on the field, the cost estimating process for Mr. Lugo is more streamlined, accurate and agile than others.

Paola Cruz

HR Official

Martin Russe

Administrative Support

Anthony DiGiorgi

Field Representative

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